In what universe does Steve think that he can create his own Reserve Account
and not pay the regular special assessment?

  1. First off, I don’t even see on tonight’s agenda that the  Board is doing the Quarterly Financial Review, let alone under the new law, monthly.
  2. We already lost $21k and only Randy Sgro, Esq understood that.
    1. $21k Missing Reserve Fund
  3. How many prior boards have gone bankrupt, foreclosures and short sales?
    1. How many defacto Board Members and Officers (Sargent at Arms) have threatened to jump off a bridge?
  4. How often do we read in the paper that some other board or non profit had $$$ embezzled?
    1. What makes this board think they are any holier than thou?
    3. A prior property manager had a convicted embezzler working for them!
  5. What happened to my records request for the CPA audit that was done?
    1. The letter the prior property manager wrote to explain the 12.9.2009 settlement agreement?
      1. Who is going to pay the fine for non compliance and breach of 12.5.2005 settlement agreement.
  6. The Property Manager authorized it on 1.24.2018 10:58 AM  see screenshot below.
  7. Has the Board been dunning me for the $$$?  That’s illegal!
    1. Unlawful Practise of Law & Ethics
  8. Why did Steve have to spend $35? to stop payment on automatic dues payment when Tamers transferred to Sharp?

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