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Thank you for the minutes of the Sept. 2015 meeting.    What happened to the letter I was going to get about my Public Comment and Correspondence as illegally promised in the agenda?  How can I meet my duty as a 10% owner, if I have no idea if the Board even read or understood or their thoughts on my Public Comment to reword and explain what I have to say?   Why are my items kept secret?  Don’t you want the other members to know how we can manage our $$$ and not need assessments?  How many other Business Owners do we have in the  HOA living here?   How many who’ve served on a HOA Board that never had to make special assessments or even have a closed session!   The Board was NOT allowed to discuss ANY of my Public Comment as it wasn’t properly listed on the agenda!  §4930 – Carlson v Paradise.  What kind of adherence to the Business Judgement Rule, Good Faith or Fiduciary Responsibility do we have here?  Does the Board really want the members to constantly bail them out for their lack of fiduciary responsibility, failure to comply with the law & settlement agreements, etc.?


In the 9.29.2015 letter you’ve informed the members that they can look at approved contracts, that’s TOO late!  How about informing them of their right to view bids per 12.9.2009 settlement agreement §13.


Agenda Requests §4930

It’s a “meeting” §4910, so we get Public Comment §4925 (b)!


Online Banking

At the VERY least do the Wells Fargo ONLINE Tour


Management Software

At the very least, watch the video


Special Meeting to discuss the budget   Per requests dated Sat 2/28/2015 5:09 AM  ad nauseum

Why should we approve a special assessment when the Board has refused to discuss or even listen or explore ways to save $$$ for almost a year!


Definitions?  At the very least visit Davis and/or BoardTraining.Info and read & review or view the exhibits below!


Fiduciary Responsibility


Review – Financial Statements  Civil Code §5500   See prior request Sun 4/26/2015 7:47 AM  & Sun 9/13/2015 10:38 PM


2016 Annual Report & Budget?

Page 16 I don’t see the Insurance Premium?   How much is Earth Quake?

Page 1 Do we really expect to actually receive $51k with at least two bankruptcies?  Bankrupt

What is our current accounts receivables?

Why aren’t they disclosed?


Has the Board considered litigation for libel re: 5.2012 minutes?

Breach of 12.2009 Settlement Agreement?  4.2012 ADR Agreement?  Fines & Attorney Fees under §4955 (b)


Business Judgement Rule


Earth Quake Insurance – $250k Deductible?

At the very least, discuss how the HOA will access for the deductible and the extra premium for the insurance


12.9.2009 Settlement Agreement

Brown Act Video – take the 20 minutes to watch, it’s well worth it.

Compliance with written Public Comment 10/pages/month


Deleting the Phony rules, that violate law, common decency, property rights mentioned in 9.21.2015 Agenda §4340 et seq  right for 5% of owners to call meeting to change even LEGITIMATE rules §4365  Board must hear public comment!  §4360 before changing rules!


Water Saving Ideas & Rebates   See email dated Wed 10/21/2015 9:19 AM – Maybe we wouldn’t need a special assessment if we did these?


How about a Response to email dated Sun 9/13/2015 10:38 PM Subject 9.21.2015 Agenda


Slum – Section 8 Housing

Are the stairs safe now?  How about removing the warning cones?

Who and at WHAT Open Noticed Meeting authorized and put on the agenda §4910 the no trespassing signs?


Please also add in, ALL requests since May 2012, when I was unlawfully kicked out of the meeting and libeled.


Website Confidentiality?

Do not put URL’s for Casa La Villa into a search engine….  Only click on the link from email


Steve’s vote AGAINST the dues increase!

Can’t attend meeting due to libel, sexual assault, phony rules and has not received clarification about bringing his caretaker (Board & Interpacific have testified that Steve needs one) or executor of his trust to the meeting.

Refusal to sign ANYTHING giving the Board or Interpacific, who hired Don Peterson, indicted for embezzling!,  ANY authority to do ANYTHING on his behalf.

Long Beach court ruled I’m not to trust or listen to ANYTHING the Board, SGRO or Interpacific says!

This has already been adjudicated,  Judge said fill out the form, but don’t have to sign.  Res Judicata  Similar to Claim Splitting


Executive Session Agenda’s  §4920 (d)


Newsletters, notifications, bills, required documents –  PLEASE email all of them.





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